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MSI GS70 Stealth

In Reviews On December 6, 2013 0 Comments

Swooping In For The Kill Truth be told, most gamers would prefer gaming on a desktop as it can easily be upgraded and also tends to pack more… Read More »


Corsair Vengeance 1400

In Reviews On December 6, 2013 0 Comments

Vengeance Of Clarity We’ve lost count the number of Corsair ‘Vengeance’ products we’ve reviewed up til now, since that product family covers a wide variety of products, including… Read More »


Dell Alienware 17

In Reviews On December 6, 2013 0 Comments

A Gaming Machine That’s Out of This World For the longest time, the Alienware notebook was the number one (only one, in fact) gaming notebook brand around. Various… Read More »


Armaggeddon Aliencraft IV G17

In Reviews On December 6, 2013 0 Comments

More Alien Mice Coming Your Way We think that Armaggeddon, purveyors of affordable PC gaming accessories and devices have finally run out of ideas as to how to… Read More »



In Reviews On December 5, 2013 0 Comments

Sometimes,  Simple is Best The mechanical keyboard craze is still going strong, with no small number of companies launching keyboards with a wide variety of Cherry switches. GIGABYTE,… Read More »