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CHIP is the magazine of choice for market decision makers, experts, opinion leaders, and multipliers as well as your average home and enthusiast readers who have the affinity for technology. Contact us to advertise in the magazine.

CHIP Malaysia is one of Malaysia's longest running IT magazines and is now synonymous with digital lifestyle and technology. The magazine is ultimately the tool to show readers current and future trends and technologies, and show how they can use them effectively in this digital world.

CHIP Malaysia proudly upholds the high standards set by our international counterparts and cement CHIP's reputation of being an internationally trusted technology magazine.

CHIP Magazine : Current Issue

Man vs Machine: Sight

We focus on the sight - how is the machine getting closer to match mankind

Eye Control

Learn how you can control a PC using your eyes!

Timeline: Microsoft

The spotlight fall on Microsoft as we trace its history


Check out this latest category of notebook

  News & Trend

Stream using Android

We show you how to stream your PC content using Android phones

  Trivial Pursuit

Gears of War 3

Guns, big guys, blood and chainsaws; This is Gears of War at its best

Resistance 3

Carrying on the fight for the 3rd time in this PS3 exclusive

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Augment yourself and play the way you want

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