Last week, Nestlé Ice Cream launched its first solar-powered ice cream kiosk at Sunway Lagoon.

As you may expect, the creation of such a kiosk is Nestlé doing it’s part to alleviate the rising global climate change. Plus, it’s a great move seeing as Klang Valley is currently experiencing another heat wave. Present at the launch was Hans-Ulrich Mayer, Head of Nestlé Ice Cream Strategic Business Unit, Nestlé S.A., Teo Heng Keat, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Ice Cream, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager, Sunway Theme Parks.

A first of its kind globally, this kiosk will draw solar energy through the photovoltaic (PV) panels located on its roof to keep the ice cream in the freezer cold. According to Nestlé, it will be able to ensure that even outdoor temperature of 35 °C can be reduced to a maximum of -25 °C at zero-energy cost.

“It has been a journey of innovation for the research and planning in order to develop the technology for the Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks. We are very pleased to launch this new innovation for our freezers right here in Malaysia. Our efforts today are in line Nestlé’s sustainability goals of achieving 100% electricity generation from renewable resources,” said Mayer.

“We are introducing our Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks to further our sustainability commitment to the environment that we operate in. Prior to the Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks, we introduced over 13,000 Eco Freezers across Malaysia in 2015, these freezers require half as much energy as previous models and uses natural refrigerants to keep our ice creams at the right temperature,” added Teo.

Since it’s powered by solar energy, this kiosk – and any other Nestlé Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks in future – will be able to function without needing to be plugged into the power grid. This allows it to reduce as much as 263kg of carbon dioxide emissions annually, as the solar energy it can harvest within a day is enough to keep it running for 2-3 days.

More of these kiosk would be great in our current hot weather

More of these kiosk would be great in our current hot weather

Another advantage of not requiring cables is that it can be placed at locations that have difficulty getting access to electricity, such as night markets or a beach.

“Malaysia is a perfect country to have our Solar Powered Ice Cream Kiosks, especially since the sun shines brightly all-year round. We hope that with these kiosks, we are able to inspire other companies to take action and look for new ways to reduce the carbon emissions and Go Green,” Teo concluded.

Nestlé Ice Cream Malaysia has confirmed that it will be adding more of these kiosks around Malaysia. Currently, the only kiosk is available at Sunway Lagoon from 10am to 6pm.