Acer has introduced outside of Taiwan in Malaysia the simple, solid and stylish Altos QSAN XN3004T storage solution for small and medium enterprises. The Altos QSAN XN3004T is part of a suite of Altos products and solutions developed to provide businesses the solutions to their computing performance and data storage needs. Designed for a wide range of users from businesses to public institutions, these solutions offer reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness with top security features.

In the paperless and social media era, the introduction of Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T NAS (Network- Attached Storage) is perfect for those who need larger, safer storage with more efficient features. Thanks to the QSM 3 operating system, the NX3004T NAS is a stable and reliable storage management device. The auto-tiering architecture will 2 progressively optimize the data to allow users to retrieve their data quicker. Its real-time remote replication and cloud backup allows for additional backup of all the important assets.

With its innovative (N+1) hybrid storage capacity, the NAS allows additional SSD installation that improves data access performance without affecting the existing four 3.5-inch hard drive slots. Its effortless screw-less tray design, allows users to install, upgrade, or replace existing HHDs of the Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T NAS without much technical difficulty.


Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T NAS

Then there’s the Acer Altos P30 F6 comes with the latest 8th Gen Intel CoreTM processor with NVIDIA Quadro graphics card to deliver performance and reliability to demanding users such as creative minds, engineers and research professionals. With the comprehensive storage support and memory capacity, support of to 64GB RAM and 32TB storage, professionals can now maximize their productivity with these powerful devices.

The ideal choice for both computing and rendering tasks for users like designers, engineers, digital content creators, financial analysts and research professionals, the Acer Altos P330 F4 is equipped with the powerful and reliable server-grade Intel® Xeon Processor Skylake-W Family and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards.

With maximum RAM support of up to 512Gb RAM, a 900W power supply and a dual-fan option for increased airflow, the P330F4 offers enterprise-level expandability, and the ability to rise up to demanding workloads beyond regular workstations.


Acer Altos P330 F4

The Acer Altos P30 F6 is priced from RM4,280 onward and Acer Altos P330 F4 is priced from RM8,799 onward; both will be available for purchase immediately at select Acer authorized resellers and at Acer official online stores soon, and equipped with four 2TB HHD, Acer Altos QSAN XN3004T Tower 4+1 Bay NAS, priced from RM 4,699.