Are you ready to escape reality because virtual reality has become more accessible than ever before? Thanks to HTC and their VIVE VR system, you can now be part of a room-scale virtual reality experience paired with motion tracking to explore world’s you’ve never seen before, all in the comfort of your home. Using a cutting-edge headset, a pair of controllers, base stations and a device with VR capabilities, you’ll enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience like never before.


The HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System consists of multiple technologies and pieces of equipment, from its headset to the controllers, each are designed to provide the best virtual reality experience possible. Combine that with VIVEPORT, an app store where you can explore, connect, and experience content which showcases experiences across art, creativity tools, design, education, travel and so much more, for an unforgettable adventure into the virtual world.

Through The Looking Glass

There are two variations to the HTC VIVE VR system and each a different headset, the VIVE and the VIVE Pro. The HTC VIVE headset features a resolution of 2,160 x 1,200 and pixel density of 448 PPI on an OLED display, which also has a refresh rate of 90Hz. It also comes with adjustable straps and interchangeable inserts for better fitting, and fits most types of glasses. Whereas the VIVE Pro headset has an increased resolution of 2,800 x 1,600 and pixel density of 616 PPI, but still retains the same high quality OLED display and 90Hz refresh rate. The VIVE Pro headset provides improved comfort and ergonomics over the VIVE, while also throwing in a dedicated pair of headphones with 3D spatial audio. The headphones also features its own digital amplifier and is “Hi-Res” certified.


Calling Home Base

The VIVE VR System isn’t complete without the base stations which work in tandem with the VIVE headsets for accurate tracking. The base station beams infrared pulses every second which are picked up by the headset and controller’s infrared sensors and allows the base station to detect where the controllers are, up to a fraction of a millimetre. The pair of base stations are placed around your play area and creates a space where you can physically walk around in.


Mold The World

The controllers are how you shape and interact with the virtual world, having multiple ways to input commands. From using a trackpad to shooting weaponry with trigger button, the controller provides a varied experience which caters to virtual reality.