• Headphone type: In-ear
  • Driver: Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
  • Frequency: 10 – 19,000 Hz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery: 110mAh
  • Pros:
  • Audio quality
  • Comfortable
  • Ease of use
  • Cons:
  • None

Till I Hear You Sing

Wireless audio is really picking up in recent months, and although true high-fidelity sound can only come from cabled setups, this may change over time. Bluetooth audio has improved vastly over the years, but still lacks the same quality that can be provided by wired audio devices. But since wireless audio has almost caught up in terms of sound quality, wireless audio can finally take the stage if users are willing to sacrifice just a bit of quality – not that there is much being sacrificed.

Enter the Klipsch R5 Wireless headphone, a beautiful specimen of wireless audio that has left us wanting more from it. It is minimalistic when it comes to both features and design, but that’s something we can appreciate. Pairing of devices was incredibly quick and simple, with our devices quickly picking up the device and pairing in below a minute. This makes the R5 Wireless one of the fastest devices we have connected to. We can probably thank Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for that, but fast connectivity isn’t all that comes with it.

Simple and with as little buttons as possible

Simple and with as little buttons as possible

The R5 also comes with Qualcomm’s Bluetooth aptX, further improving the sound being transmitted to the R5. Our main form of listening is through Spotify on its highest streaming quality. This is to replicate what the average consumer is most likely to use. A wide variety of music genres are also made available to us with the streaming platform. After listening to the R5 we have agreed that the sound signature is quite warm. It is easy to listen to for hours and at moderate volumes without fatigue. If you’re a bass head, then you’ll definitely enjoy the R5’s.

Bass is deep and punchy, really hitting the lower frequencies – this is the strength of the R5. Its mids are smooth and slightly forward, becoming the main attraction until the bass comes up. The bass is strong, punchy, and has kick to it, but it can be too pronounced at times. Sometimes you’ll be listening to a song and you get great vocals, but when the bass kicks in, you might notice the vocals start taking a backseat as though the bass jumps in front of the vocals trying to steal its thunder.

CHIP CONCLUDE: The Klipsch R5 Wireless is a pair of wireless earphones we would easily recommend, just for the fact that it’s so easy to connect quickly and its great sound quality.

(to be published in issue January 2019)