• Operating System: Android Oreo Go Edition
  • System on Chip: MediaTek MT6580 (1.3GHz)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Storage: 8GB + 64GB microSD
  • Display: 5.45-inch FWVGA+ TN
  • Camera: 5-megapixel (Rear) / 2-megapixel (Front)
  • Battery: 2,200 mAh
  • Dimensions: 148 x 72 x 9.3 mm
  • Weight: 175g
  • Pros:
  • Price
  • Removable battery
  • Cons:
  • Display

It’s Always Sunny Somewhere In The World

When it comes to great affordable mobile phones, Wiko is in the forefront of that with a plethora of devices to choose from. With devices to tackle the hip, the business people and even students, there’s a place for every Wiko device, and the new Sunny3 Plus is no different.

The Sunny3 Plus comes with a large 5.45-inch display with an 18:9 ratio, allowing you to watch your YouTube videos in its fullscreen deliciousness. But we’ve noticed a few issues with the display. It utilises a TN Panel, and that means viewing angles will not be great, and under bright lights, you’ll easily catch your own reflection.

The back of the Sunny3 Plus, with unique grooves that makes it easy to hold

The back of the Sunny3 Plus, with unique grooves that makes it easy to hold

The phone runs on Android Oreo Go, and that means that apps like YouTube and so on will take less space on your phone and require less to run. This also means that the phone will be running smoother and even takes less data, a definite boon. The phone works without much issues and could play older games or new games that are less demanding on the graphics side of things. For day-to-day use, it is definitely usable. Although you can’t multi-screen two apps at the same time, you still won’t have too much delay or lag when switching apps.

For the camera side of things, it is packed with a 5-megapixel rear camera with a 2-megapixel front shooter. When trying to take pictures with the rear camera, it will focus on faces, without the ability to manually focus. The front camera does allow you to manually focus and adjust the brightness as well, which definitely helps when taking wefies and selfies.

The phone does come with the benefit of having a 3.5mm jack and a replaceable battery. Yes, you heard it a right, a phone with swappable battery in 2018. Simply take off the back cover and you can slot in a fully charged spare battery without any issues.

Removable battery with two SIM slots and microSD slot

Removable battery with two SIM slots and microSD slot

From our experience with the Sunny3 Plus, we do believe that the phone could function pretty well as a secondary phone or an office phone, as it can take two SIM cards at the same time and features a removable battery.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A super affordable device for the budget conscious and also a good option as a secondary device.

(to be published in issue January 2019)