unifi, a convergence brand that sits under Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has just announced a new and improved positive changes to the products and services that they offer to customers. Thus begins the #khabarbaik movement, spearheaded by Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, the Acting Executive Vice President for unifi.

Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, the Acting Executive Vice President for unifi.

Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, the Acting Executive Vice President for unifi

Mohar mentioned: “As we kickstart the year 2019, this has been a very exciting juncture for unifi. Even as we continue to evolve as an organisation, our commitment has and will always be to enable digital adoption and a converged lifestyle for all – across all backgrounds and income groups. We have contributed a great lot to the country’s digital development and we think that is worth celebrating. In the meantime, we will continue to work hard to address customer pain points. We will keep listening and then, come back to market with more #khabarbak. This is why the #khabarbaik movement is our way forward to serve Malaysia through our product offerings and design a better customer experience.”

According to unifi, #khabarbaik is the attitude that will be taken in by all unifi employees and that will translate to positive changes towards the customers. For the first #khabarbaik of the year, unifi unveiled a new unifi Mobile postpaid lineup. With this introduction, unifi plans to address the needs of different age groups. For example, the data consumption of a teen with their face constantly stuck on their mobile phones might be far heavier compared to an elderly person. With this desire in mind, unifi plans to conquer the market by offering different price points for different digital lifestyles.

The 'adik' plan

The ‘adik’ plan

The plans are labelled a little differently from what we are used to, to give it the extra flair and pizazz to entice potential customers. For example, the ‘Adik’ plan provides 2GB of mobile data (1GB LTE + 1GB 3G), five minutes of talk time and 25 SMS for just RM19. While the ‘Kakak’ mobile plan comes with 5GB of mobile data (4GB LTE + 1GB 3G) with 50 minutes of talk time and 25 SMS for just RM39. These tailored plans according to unifi ensures that everyone could have the plan they adequately require.

Continuing with the #khabarbaik movement, unifi mentioned that they are upgrading their service for existing Streamyx customers, and for non-unifi covered areas, TM mentioned that they will be trying their best to bring high-speed broadband to them through alternative technologies. Mohar chimed in and said: “In total, about 1 million are eligible for the turbo upgrading exercise. Existing unifi customers will see up to a tenfold speed boost with the turbo upgrades; from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, from 30Mbps to 300Mbps, from 50Mbps to 500Mbps and from 100Mbps to 800Mbps – all at the same rates that they are currently paying… We aim to complete this speed upgrading exercise by March 2019.”

To know more about the new Mobile postpaid plans or Streamyx upgrades, do drop into their website for more information.