With CES 2019 comes brand new delicious products from some of the biggest brands in the world, and Sony is not one to disappoint.

Sony Master 8K Z9G

Feast your eyes on the glorious 8K resolution which comes in the form of the Sony Master Z9G TV which comes in both 85 and 98-inch models. With an improved resolution over 4K, 8K promises to provide a greater viewing experience, but one would not be able to find 8K content at the moment, while 4K content is still being slowly added to video libraries at streaming sites to further spread the standard. The TV will use the Master Series Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that uses an algorithm that’s specifically designed for the 8K resolution and can intelligently detect and analyse each object in the picture for improved detail and contrast.


More pixels, more resolution, the Z9G is all about the 8K

Sony Master A9G OLED TV

Following in the steps of the A9F the A9G will replace its predecessor as Sony’s flagship OLED TV for 2019 with a few known changes. The A9G will come in 55, 65, and 77-inch options and sporting an ultra-slim design which tosses the tent like stand found on the back of the A9F. Whilst the TV will continue using Acoustic Surface technology, the A9G will come with Sony’s latest Acoustic Surface+, which should be an upgraded version of the tech and should offer better sound.


The A9G comes with an improved design and improved sound technology

Sony X950G 4K TV

Moving to the non-OLED part of TV’s, Sony also revealed the Sony X950G 4K LCD TV which is available in 55, 65, 75, and 85-inch models. You’ll get full-array local dimming which vastly improves contrast and picture quality, and full-array local dimming will give you some of the best HDR experiences on a TV. And full-array local dimming is required to pull out the full potential of Dolby Vision which will deliver brighter, livelier and more dynamic images. What’s also included will be improved sound technologies like Acoustic Multi-Audio and also a far-field mic for Google Assistant.

Get incredible image quality with the combination of full-array local dimming and Dolby Vision

Get incredible image quality with the combination of full-array local dimming and Dolby Vision

Sony HT-X8500

To go with the TV’s you’ll need a sound system to really enjoy your viewing experience, and Sony provides a few new options for those with limited space but still wish for better sound. The Sony X8500 is a soundbar with Dolby Atmos compatibility, sporting a 2.1 single sound bar setup with dual built-in subwoofers to simulate Atmos effects when paired with the Vertical Surround Engine. You can switch between listening profiles which include Cinema, Game and Vocal Enhancement modes for your selective listening.


An all-in-one 2.1 soundbar for the full surround sound experience and Dolby Atmos

Sony HT-S350

If you’re not planning to consume Dolby Atmos content then why not settle on something like the Sony HT-S350 soundbar which comes with a dedicated wireless subwoofer. With 320W of power you can probably get an ample amount of volume. It will come with Sony’s proprietary S-Force Pro Front Surround technology which will compete with DTS Virtual:X when it comes to surround sound technology.


Wireless subwoofer allows for more convenient placing of the subwoofer

Sony GTK-PG10

For the average consumer Sony makes great speakers, especially party speakers, and when have you ever seen a speaker which has cup-holders? Yes, the Sony GTK-PG10 is Sony’s latest speaker which sports a table and cup holders making it possible to have a party anytime, anywhere. The top panel can be opened up to face the tweeters outwards for a wider soundstage, and has a dedicated Outdoor Party mode which sounds like it will boost volume when your party needs that extra juice. It also has a built-in battery with up to 13 hours of listening time.


Have a party anywhere, you don’t need a table because the PG10 acts just like one

Sony XB32

Want something more compact to carry about with you and still have some form of party vibe? Then the Sony XB32 seems to be targeted at you. You can easily imagine having the XB32 poolside chugging out sick beats without fear of getting wet thanks to its IP67 water resistance rating. There’s no party without lights and that’s what the XB32 also provides, lights which sync to the beats and a flashing strobe for that added party feel. If one speaker isn’t enough why not use the Wireless Party Chain feature and you can have multiple speakers playing the same song throughout different locations.


Feel the beats and see the lights