The booming e-sports industry is causing many companies to take action and that’s true even for Malaysia, especially with the announcement of the RM10 million budget for the e-sports industry as announced in our government’s Budget 2019. Unknown to the public before this, the company called Gameview Money (GVM) has decided to invest heavily into this growing industry as well.

In response to Y.B. Syed Saddiq’s open invite to Malaysian companies to invest into e-sports, GVM has pledged to invest a sum of RM10 million into the local e-sports scene and will invest more if the company sees benefits in doing so. In addition, the company will be launching its own e-sports brand called GV Esports. GVM aims to recruit, train and compete in e-sports titles through this brand and has appointed Frank Andreas Sliwka, COO and Board of Director of ESL, to an advisory position.

While not complete, GVM has revealed how some of the RM10 million will be spent

While not complete, GVM has revealed how some of the RM10 million will be spent

According to Frank, he will be on board to advise the brand on strategies and best practices for the e-sports industry. This will also include how to produce and host premium e-sports tournaments, events and content. As for GVM’s other plans on its involvement with the e-sports scene, seven modules were revealed but were not elaborated on.

The seven modules

In conjunction with the Dota 2 KL Major tournament, GV Esports has also pledged to sponsor the event and will look to sponsor more Dota 2 Majors in future. For the KL Major, the company is working closely with Astro’s eGG Network and the e-sports events organisation PGL.

On the more technical side, GVM has stated that it aims to leverage on its Blockchain Gaming Platform, which is what the company specialises in, to benefit the e-sports scene. Details or plans on how this would be done have not been fully disclosed, aside from some brief mentions of a digital ticketing platform.

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