A partnership between WeChat Pay Malaysia and major local cinemas is paving the way for the first ever movie ticketing aggregator in Malaysia. WeTix is a recent startup that has been hard at work in providing with Malaysians with a one-stop platform to purchase movie tickets, done directly using the WeChat Pay MY e-wallet.

Many of you will agree that there are a lot of Malaysians out there who really like to go to the cinemas. Often, they might not be able to watch a new movie in a particular cinema as the tickets may be sold out. Imagine having to cinema hop, going to the websites or apps of the different local cinemas to get seats for a certain movie at a certain time. Sounds like it might be annoying? That’s what WeTix Malaysia’s founder and CEO, Lim Kar Aik, thought too.

“I remember the frustration and this fuelled me to create a platform where everything is available in one place. I want to make browsing for cinema showtimes and purchasing movie tickets so much more convenient for people, and to make their movie-going experience more rewarding,” he said at the launch of WeTix. The launch was also attended by the CEO of WeChat Pay MY, Jason Siew, as well as Lionel Koh (Senior Marketing Manager, GSC), Daniel Tung (Sales Manager, MBO Cinemas) and Jason Teoh (Marketing & Business Development Director, mmCineplexes).

Using WeTix, users will no longer have to hop around sites/apps. Instead, they can select a movie they want to watch and the platform will display all available seats and in which partnered cinema’s branch. From there, they can select the ones they want and pay for it directly using WeChat Pay. In future, WeTix intends to add more e-wallet partners to its service, but when and which wants have not been confirmed yet.

Currently, the only way to get reach WeTix is through the WeChat app. You can search for “WeTixMY” to get to the platform and start booking for your next movie.