• Panel Type: VA
  • Display Size: 32-inch
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Connectivity: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Viewing Angle: 178°(H), 178° (V)
  • Dimensions: 716.5 x 604.5 x 271.7 mm
  • Weight: 8.48kg
  • Pros:
  • Smooth 144Hz
  • Sturdy
  • Cons:
  • None

More Than The Eye Can See

We’ve said this before, monitors, an TV’s projectors all getting bigger these days as technology advances and prices get more competitive. Although you still have to pay a premium to get the latest and the greatest, you’re getting more than just a piece of display hardware, you’re getting a whole new experience.

If you like large monitors, then you could possibly fall in love with the LG 32GK850G. And why is that, you ask? First, it’s a 32-inch display that has ultra-slim bezels, so not only is it big but it’s also stylish and that’s apparent once it came out of the box. The bezels are slim enough to place other monitors side by side with it for a nice seamless effect with your auxiliary display units. Adding on to the style is the sphere lighting, which is a function as well as a fun addition.

Sphere lighting can be customised with a different array of colours and lighting modes to suit your mood. This acts as background lighting to ease the strain on your eyes in a dark room and a bright monitor. But what else does the monitor offer? Since it’s a 32-inch display, LG found it a good idea to give it a resolution of 2560×1440. This kept the text and pictures crisp and sharp even on such a large display.

It also comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz, which mean you’ll need a pretty good rig to fully enjoy the UHD and 144Hz experience. NVIDIA G-Sync technology is also built into the monitor to provide a smooth experience without any stutter or screen tearing. The combination of these features is an amazing gaming experience, which lead to many of us spending a lot of time playing our favourite games.

Before we end this review, we alos want to talk about the monitor’s stand. Built to be nice and durable, it provides the 32GK850G with a myriad of options. It allows the monitor to be easily adjusted to different height levels, along with being pivot capable. But our favourite adjustment is the swivel function, removing the need to move the entire monitor just for miniscule adjustments.

CHIP CONCLUDE: If you like big, powerful and feature-packed monitors, then the LG 32GK850G is more than likely to be the gaming monitor you want.

(previously published in issue September 2018)