• Sensor: 1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor
  • Resolution: 1080p @ 30fps
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • FOV: Horizontal
  • Others: Focus Ring / Motion Detection / Sound Detection/ Cloud Recording
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN Port
  • Dimensions: 116.4x111.3x138.1 mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Pros:
  • Miniature, can be hidden in plain sight
  • Mountable
  • Clear recordings
  • Cons:
  • mydlinkapp should be better optimised

All-Angle Camera Coverage

D-Link has been steadily releasing different types of security camera, routers and so on over the years. For this month, we received a few products from the brand, and one of them is the new DCS-8525LH. It is an IP Camera with Wi-Fi and Cloud Recording capabilities.

When we unboxed the camera, it was nestled between cardboard to keep it safe and secure during transportation. We also found that the camera looked slightly similar to a pup with a side tail. On the front of the camera, you can spot a manual focus ring that you can use to sharpen up the image to the level you desire. The ports can be found at the back of the camera, with a slot for your microSD card, a LAN cable for connectivity and a port for the power.

Connecting and setting up the camera is easy, as all you need is a mobile phone with the mydlink app. You will have to use a LAN cable or Wi-Fi connection if you wish to view the recordings on your phone. The set-up was pretty hassle free. Once done, you can control the camera all on your phone just by clicking and dragging on the display. The mydlink app is sometimes frustrating to use – controls aren’t always intuitive and only works when it wants to. Also, if you go to the settings after moving the camera, you will have to restart the app to get it moving again.

But speaking of mydlink app, you can set up the motion detection of the camera to trigger it to record a short clip and then send a push notification to your mobile device via the use of the Automation Setting. Unlike most of the cameras in the market, you can literally converse with someone at home or at the door with just the camera, as it is equipped with two-way audio. By doing so, you can also use it as a baby monitor. Simply set up the camera to trigger via sound and send you a push notification, and you’ll know when the baby is crying.

The low-light capabilities of the camera is also pretty decent. Just have the settings for Night Vision on or set it on auto, so you can see more in the dark. This is important if you wish to set it as a security camera. Also, the camera comes packed with a wall mount, screws and a guide to instruct you on how to fasten it onto ceilings or walls, a good alternative for those that are looking for a security camera that can be easily moved around.

As for what we think, the DCS-8525H is a decent camera with a decent amount of customisation, be it physical or via the app. It can be mounted on walls, can pan and tilt, records in 1080p and can also send notifications triggered by sound or motion to your phone – provided if you can handle the hassle of the mydlinkapp.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A decent camera that can double as security cam or a baby monitor, but requires some patience with the app that malfunctions every now and then.

(previously published in issue September 2018)