Nikon has introduced their revolutionary Nikon FX-format mirrorless cameras the Nikon Z7 and Z6, as well as an impressive line of NIKKOR Z lenses. This new remarkable breakthrough marks the culmination of Nikon’s relentless pursuit of turning impossibilities into possible solutions and pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to suit the demands of the market.

The Nikon Z7

The Nikon Z7

Taking center stage at the showcase was the Nikon Z7. Equipped with the newly designed and innovative Z mount system that offers unrivalled versatility, the Nikon Z7 exploits the unprecedented optical performance offered by the NIKKOR Z lenses, unleashing the ability to create and capture edge-to-edge detail like never before, while still holding true to Nikon’s inherent standards of excellence, quality and performance.

During the product showcase, internationally renowned photographer and partner of Nikon (Malaysia), Keda Z shared first-hand accounts and insight into the workings and qualities of the Nikon Z7. Having garnered over 100 international and local photography awards and accreditation, Keda Z is no stranger to the photography industry and he brought with him a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.


A full-frame camera fit into a mirrorless body

The new Nikon Z series brings to the table a triple threat of unparalleled qualities – a new dimension of optical performance, inherited Nikon quality, and compatibility with future advancements – all of which sum up the value that Nikon brings to the mirrorless market. Both D-SLRs and mirrorless cameras have their own unique characteristics and strengths, and it is Nikon’s belief that both systems will continue to coexist and they will continue to develop new technologies to inspire the imaging culture.