Marvel’s Spider-Man is the latest superhero game to swing by, and this time it’s brought to you by the good people from Insomniac Games, known more recently for Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank, with Spyro potentially making a comeback. But this time, our main focus is on Peter Parker, the man behind the spider mask.

The game takes place roughly eight years after Peter obtained his powers, which basically means that he is skilled and experienced at being a superhero. This works on multiple levels for the players – you won’t feel that it’s weird for Peter to shoot webs and use gadgets flawlessly, or that he can swing around without fumbling.

Swinging around can be summed in a word - Satisfaction.

Swinging around can be summed in one word: Satisfaction.

Moving around the world is easy to do since all you need is to hold the R2 button on your controller. However, to perfectly master moving around will take some time. You can propel Spidey differently, depending on whether you let go of the button in the middle or at the apex of a swing. By the end of the game, we were able to move around the world rapidly without even needing to touch the ground. The game is an action RPG, so you get to level up skills to do tricks in mid-air to net you XP and Focus Meter. XP is what allows you to level up Spider-Man with different skills that will help you fight better or run around the world faster.

Speaking of Focus Meter, you can use it to heal or trigger special skills. The meter fills as you deal damage, perform various tricks, or by unlocking suit skills that you can equip interchangeably. Suits also play an important role in the game and unlocking them over time is part of the fun. Each Spider Suit offers a different skill that can be equipped, once you’ve unlocked it. The suits and skills are interchangeable as well, giving you some customisation options. Combat is fluid and free-flowing. In the middle of the fight, you can jump and swing around, shoot webs at enemies and then kick them off buildings. Swapping between close quarters combat and throwing webs at enemies is a breeze. Between punches, we often found ourselves spamming the web-shoot button to web up enemies, slowing them down to allow us to either throw them at enemies or stick them up on walls.

A mural of Vulture, with an enemy webbed on the wall under it

A mural of Vulture, with an enemy webbed on the wall

Quick-travel will take have Spider-Man take the train

Quick-travel will take have Spider-Man take the train

In the story, without spoiling much, you will have to juggle between the duality of life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. However, you don’t spend much time as Peter at all. If we had to put it in percentage, you spend roughly 90% of the game as Spider-Man. But throughout the game, you will encounter different enemies and rivals that you might be familiar with in the Spider-Man universe. In between main quests, you have side-quests, collectables and challenges that you can tackle, and it will break up the monotony of kicking bad guy’s butts. Aside from that, you also have stealth missions where you play as other characters. Sneaking is done brilliantly and usually, there are some high stakes involved with it as well.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an exhilarating game with a touching storyline, fluid combat, and interesting quips from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, coupled with the sheer thrill and gratification of traversing the world with flawless web-swinging.

Doing the finger-gun gesture, probably a callback to the movies.

Doing the finger-gun gesture, probably a callback to the movies.