• Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Audio Codec: AAC/SBC
  • Profile Support: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • Others: Charging Dock, Earphones, 1x USB Type-C cable
  • Music Time: 5 hours (SRC on)
  • Pros:
  • Decent battery life
  • Build
  • Cons:
  • Voice Prompt in Chinese

Be A Pro With The Stereo

The ProStereo D1 is portable AMP + DAC combination that connects to your device via cable or Bluetooth. To kick off the review, the D1 looks like a miniature Toblerone with its triangular design. It comes with a clip that allows you to simply fasten it onto your shirt so you can walk and jog with an almost wireless experience. How so, you might ask? As mentioned, this D1 can be connected to your device via Bluetooth, and on the D1, you can spot a 3.5mm headphone jack. This allows you to connect the device to your phone, and then connect your headphones to the device. This then shortens the required length of your headphones. The wires might still be a bother, but at least you won’t be tugging on the wires when you slot it into your pocket.

This is not really an ideal solution when it comes to jogging but it helps a little. Another way that you can use the D1 is connecting it to your car. Some cars nowadays come with a Bluetooth HUD, but not all cars do. Some of them can be connected with a 3.5mm jack, and this allows you to play music on your phone, and it goes through the D1 to your car stereo. If you want to use your phone while driving, it’ll at least save you the hassle of the annoying wires (but please do not use your phone while driving).

A volume knob can also be found on the D1 alongside four buttons, the Play/Pause, Next, Previous and SRC button. The SRC button enables you to switch the sampling rate from 24-bit to 32-bit. Also included along with the device is a charging platform and a pair of earbuds. Now, all you need is a phone or laptop to connect the device to, and you are good to go. The process of connecting to a source was pretty easy. All we needed to do was power up the device, hold the play button for three seconds, pair it with the source, and voila, music nirvana awaits you.

Our experience with the D1 was overall pleasant. Harder to drive headphones like the Sennheiser HD650 were manageable with the D1, and music sounds a lot better with it as well, no doubt thanks to the Hi-Res Audio and AKM AK4376A chipset. You can also make use of the microphone just beside the 3.5mm jack, meaning that you can have conversations with other people just by using the D1. To answer a call, click on the Play button, and press the button again to hang up.
If you are looking for a DAC/AMP that will improve the quality of your music and gives you some freedom when it comes to music on the go, the ProStereo D1 is a good start.

CHIP CONCLUDE: The ProStereo D1 improves the quality of your music without breaking the bank, while giving you a glimpse of a hands-free experience.

(previously published in issue August 2018)