• Keyboard Switches: Outemu Blue
  • Interface: USB
  • Others: RGB
  • Dimensions: 355 x 18 x 124 mm
  • Pros:
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Cons:
  • Wobbly space bar

Marvo-lous Affordability

A few months ago, we were sent review samples of peripherals belonging to a brand we’ve not heard of before. Now that we got to know Marvo a bit, we’re quite happy to receive another item from them for review in this issue. The Marvo KG914G we got this time is a mechanical keyboard that has all the traits to be a gamer’s choice.

Sticking close to the idea of ‘less is better’, the Marvo KG914G sports a frameless and minimalist design that makes it really compact. It’s also a TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard, ditching the numpad to increase the compactness. Clad entirely in black, the KG914G has customised printing on some of its keycaps, particularly the ones that are tied to shortcut functions. At the bottom, two plastic feet can be used to give the keyboard some elevation. Overall, its design actually makes it look rather premium.

Speaking of premium, the build and feel for it is no slouch either. Although it uses plastic for its body, there’s little flex to it and it feels sturdy enough. At the same time, the choice of material makes it a very light keyboard. The keycaps are solid enough as well, though we did find the space bar a bit wobbly. Outemu Blue switches can be found under the keycaps and are rated at 50 million key presses, so you can expect this keyboard to last for a few years.

As mentioned, this is an RGB keyboard so you can adjust the lighting intensity, pattern and speed of pattern. Adjustments can be done through the use of FN key combinations, which are easy to identify thanks to the custom prints on related keycaps. Besides that, there are also some multimedia controls and shortcut to commonly used Windows tools via FN key combinations, such as the calculator app.

Unlike the previous model we reviewed, the KG914G has clearly labelled FN shortcut keys and a utility software. The software is for adjusting the RGB light settings and recording macros; not much, but good enough for most users.

Typing on the Marvo KG914G is quite a treat, as its Blue switches gives you that satisfying clacking sound and tactile feedback. The switches are all consistent too, with the same tactile feedback and key travel. In addition, the intensity of the RGB lighting is good with the lighting looking bright and colourful, filtering out the bottom of the frameless body and through the top of the keycaps.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A highly affordable mechanical keyboard that feels good to type on, with vast improvements over the last model we reviewed thanks to labelled FN shortcuts and the utility software.

(previously published in issue July 2018)