• DPI: 16,000
  • Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz
  • Programmable Buttons: 8
  • Dimensions: 124 x 75 x 43mm
  • Weight: 107g
  • Pros:
  • Overall performance
  • Scroll resistance control
  • Cons:
  • None

Straight From Razer’s Secret Chambers

We’d like to say we are professional gamers, but we aren’t. But that won’t stop us from recommending gaming peripherals that are designed for gamers whether professional or casual. Are these expensive mice and keyboards worth the money to spend? People ask that very often, but it’s a yes and no. Good ones will last long and improve your gameplay but not because it’s made from 100% vibranium, but more of comfort and how your hand fits the mouse.

Like the Razer Basilisk, a mice built for right handed gamers, it has an ergonomic shape designed to comfortably conform to right handed users. It does so very well, though we’d recommend this for claw grip users. Something that took a bit of getting used to was the DPI clutch button jutting out the left side of the mouse. At first it felt like it got in the way, but over time we could tell it was a lot quicker to use than your usual snipe buttons that require you to reach for it. But if it’s still not your cup of tea, fret not for it’s also removable.

Moving your gaze over the top of the mouse you’ll find the mouse wheel and some programmable buttons. But the best part of the Basilisk is what’s on the bottom! At first glance you’ll notice a button and a roller switch of some sorts. The button allows you to switch between different profiles you’ve set using the Razer Synapse application, while the roller lets you change the resistance of your scroll wheel. So you can have a super smooth scrolling experience, or a more resistant and tactile experience depending on your preference.

Though not many FPS players actually use DPI’s as high as 16,000, the Razer still comes with a 16,000 DPI 5G Optical Sensor for those who like to live life on the edge. Tracking on the sensor is excellent and we found no issues even when using on different surfaces. Gliding has been smooth and light, giving of a feeling of fluidity when it comes to aiming in-game.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A good mouse for FPS players no doubt, it has a bunch of features that makes it interesting, especially the wheel resistance control and the detachable DPI clutch button.

(previously published in issue May 2018)