When it comes to ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), it seems that everything and anything that can impact a gamer’s gaming experience can be explored. To that end, the brand has now expanded its ROG PC component lineup with a ROG-branded power supply unit and two water-cooling solutions.
ROG Thor 1200W Platinum
Something that ROG has not done before, the Thor 1200W Platinum is a modular ATX PSU that, as you can tell from its name, supplies 1,200W of power to a PC. It’s rated platinum, which means it has an efficiency of up to 94%. Besides that, it has an amazing 10-year warranty, IP-5X rated 135mm wingblade fan for optimum cooling efficiency, 100% Japanesee capacitors, and an OLED display that is compatible with Aura Sync.
ROG Ryuo 120

ROG Ryuo 240
ASUS also introduced the Ryuo and Ryujin, the brand’s own all-in-one water-cooling solutions. First is the Ryuo, which comes in two variants with either a 120mm or 240mm radiator. It features a LiveDash Color OLED to display real-time stats such as CPU temperature, giving you an easy means to monitor its cooling efficiency through the transparent side panel of your PC chassis. The other model is the Ryujin, the big brother that comes in either 240mm or 360mm variants. It not only shares the same LiveDash Color OLED and Aura Sync support, but also has a different water block that includes a micro fan to cool M.2 SSDs below the CPU socket.
ROG Ryujin 240

ROG Ryujin 360
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