• Interface: USB 2.0
  • Keyboard Switches: CHERRY MX Red Switches
  • NKRO: N-Key Rollover (Gaming Mode), 6-Key Rollover (Standard Mode)
  • Dimensions: 354 x 137 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Pros:
  • Tenkeyless
  • design
  • Cons:
  • Price
  • 6-Key rollover on Normal Mode

Invigorate Your Gaming Experience

After reviewing last month’s MSI keyboard, they are back in the spotlight again, this time featuring a tenkeyless version of their Vigor keyboard. Tenkeyless simply means that the keyboard is missing a numeric keypad. By removing the numerical area which is rarely used, it allows you to have more space to utilise your mouse with. This is extremely helpful for small desk areas, or for tournaments. If you’re an avid fan of CS:GO and watch the tournaments every now and then, you will notice that most of the players even tilt their keyboards sideways to have more room to move their mouse.

Onto the aesthetics of the keyboard, it sports an aluminium lightweight metal body throughout the design. It also comes with red switches on the keyboard, topped with black key caps. The keyboard is even lit up with RGB LEDs. You can also spot a metallic bar just under the Function keys to add some extra spice to the keyboard. Besides those, MSI’s dragon can be seen just above the arrow keys. Compared to your regular keyboard, it does stand out among the rest. Aside from the regular black keys, it comes with four unique keycaps with a metal top and clear body. They give a different feel to your regular keys, so it is perfect for the WASD keys.

With Red switches, the keyboard is perfect to game on. When taking breaks from gaming, typing or working is also fine. However, when it comes to switches, everyone has their own preference. Some might prefer Brown switches that offers a tactile typing experience with a noticeable bump before bottoming. But nevertheless, Red switches thread the fine line between offering a good typing and gaming experience, which is why most gaming keyboards opt for this switch.

On top of excelling with gaming, you can even configure the RGB to highlight certain keys. In DotA, you can get it to highlight your hero’s skills, and when you are using it in Legacy mode, it can even highlight the skill’s proper hotkey. As for FPS such as CS:GO, you can get it to highlight keys such as the WASD, CTRL and Shift keys. However, in normal mode, the keyboard only allows a maximum of 6 keys pressed. This means that when you are gaming, you can only depress a maximum of 6 keys, anything more will result in the keyboard not registering the input. But by holding [FN] + [Win], you can trigger Gaming Mode, which will allow N-key rollover.

CHIP CONCLUDE: Overall, it is a great keyboard that performs well without any fuss and has RGB capabilities. But if the price is slightly lower, then it would slot in perfectly for those who are looking for their very first RGB keyboard.MSI-Vigor-GK70-600x500

(previously published in issue April