Once again ZOWIE invites members of the media for their product workshop, an initiative by ZOWIE to spread product knowledge to readers and reaching out to consumers through different media’s. They aim to ensure gamers and fans alike will have the opportunity to understand their line-up of products, and to find the product that best suits their needs. To reach their goal, Kang Lee from ZOWIE’s Customer Engagement Team made an appearance once again to head the workshop.

But before that just a little bit of history, BenQ acquired ZOWIE back in December of 2015 to fill in the growing need of products wanted by professional gamers. ZOWIE was already known as a specialist when it comes to eSports, their products widely used by professional gamers, and a majority of them being FPS players. ZOWIE also avidly supports the eSports scene by sponsoring events. ZOWIE supporters and fans are so widespread that even without sponsorships, ZOWIE monitors and gears are still used by request.

Kang Lee

Kang Lee, ZOWIE Customer Engagement Team

Pros know ZOWIE isn’t just all talk and branding, and they aren’t being led by the nose. Instead, pros trust in ZOWIE products after years of use, ZOWIE provides them with the best eSports experience, and doesn’t attempt to make their products convoluted with features they don’t need. ZOWIE also draws the line between Gaming and eSports, the former is something you do for fun and casually, whilst the latter requires an entirely different mentality. With that in mind ZOWIE knows what is needed in a competitive environment is different from what’s needed in a casual one.

ZOWIE's gaming mice comes in all shapes and sizes, so there'll definitely be one that suits your needs

ZOWIE’s gaming mice comes in all shapes and sizes, so there’ll definitely be one that suits your needs

ZOWIE believes that every gamer or pro should know what kind of gear they prefer, whether you’re someone who uses a big or small mouse, you should know instead of being told what is great based on someone else’s taste. With that ZOWIE’s line-up of eSports mice encompasses a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to fit the needs of any gamer. While creating the ZOWIE gaming mice lineup, ZOWIE has worked with many pros like Emil Christensen and Filip Kubski where the EC and FK models get their name from. Straying away from the conventional Omron switches ZOWIE uses Huano switches which has garnered much praise by users for their tactile feel.

Some may say it's an unfair advantage, but it's letting you play the best you can

Some may say it’s an unfair advantage, but it’s letting you play the best you can

ZOWIE monitors are also designed with eSports in mind and getting rid of all the bells and whistles while keeping all the essential features an eSports monitor should have. ZOWIE’s Black Equalizer helps to see better in dark environments, while Color Vibrance settings lets gamers distinguish objects and avatars accurately. Some already say that it’s too much of an advantage especially in games like PUBG. Furthermore, you get panels with high refresh rates of up to 240Hz with super-fast response times, and ZOWIE’s very own DyAc technology.