Today, SIES (Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch) announced that the much anticipated Spider-Man will be released locally on the 7th of September 2018. 2018 is definitely a good year for Sony, more so now after the raving reviews for the recently released God of War.

As for your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, Insomniac has revealed that he is currently 23 years old, and that he has donned the mask of the spider for eight years now. It means that we will be playing a Spider-Man that is more well-versed in fighting crime and web-slinging by utilising acrobatic skills, improvisational combat and so on. He is no longer a scrawny kid who has just fighting baddies in the Big Apple. In the story, you will come up against a few familiar faces such as Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, Kingpin and Mister Negative to name a few. Insomniac Games has stated numerous times that they will be trying to create the best Spider-man game with great web-slinging and fluid combat.

Bryan Intihar, the Creative Director for Insomniac Games has mentioned that there will be no micro-transactions in the game. So hopefully all we’ll see are story DLCs and no blatant cash grab situations.

The collector's edition, not everything is finalised yet!

The collector’s edition, not everything is finalised yet!

And they have also revealed the contents of a few special editions that will be coming along with the game when it is released. The Spider-Man Collector’s Edition will be coming with the Full Game, Custom Steelbook, White Spider Sticker, a Mini Artbook that contains unreleased artwork and so on, a Collector’s Edition Statue made by Gentle Giant, and a DLC titled “The City that Never Sleeps” series that will feature unique storyline, missions and characters. Insomniac Games also teased us by saying that we’ll be seeing Black Cat in the DLC.

They also announced a Digital Deluxe Edition that bundles the Full Game along with “The City that Never Sleeps” series DLC. Aside from the bundles, there will be Pre-order bonuses as well. If you pre-order the game, you get the “Spidey Suit Pack” that allows you instant access to three new spider suits that alter your appearance that works even in cutscenes, and unlock new suit abilities. Five extra skill points to level your character, early unlock of the Spider-Drone Gadget, a PS4 Spider-Man Custom Theme, and a Spider-Man PSN Avatar.

The preorder is now live on PlayStation Store Asia

The pre-order is now live on PlayStation Store Asia

As for pricing, the base game will cost you RM209 for the physical disc and RM199 for digital purchase from the PlayStation store. As for the Digital Deluxe Edition, it is priced at RM224, and the Collector’s Edition is priced at RM699. The game is available for digital pre-order now from the PlayStation Store.