• Driver size: 50 mm
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm audio jack
  • Others: Y-splitter cable included for mic + audio
  • Pros:
  • Comfort
  • Cons:
  • Non-USB plug
  • Price

Immerse Yourself In The Games

MSI’s latest headset looks set to rock the peripherals market with its sleek design, without all the hullabaloo that is usually tagged onto gaming headsets. The design of the headset is simple, just black and metal, along with a retractable microphone that can be nestled back when not used. An inline volume controller with mic mute can be found a little ways below the cord. Leather pads and a leather headband complete the whole black ensemble and it is comfy to boot. But to ensure that the leathers stay in tip-top shape, remember to clean them every so often.

To use the headset, you will need to connect it to the back or the front of your computer, provided you have access to both audio and mic jacks. But this might prove to be an uphill battle, because the cord of the headset is quite short. For those who only wish to use the headset for audio, you can remove the Y-cable that’s provided and just plug it to a 3.5mm audio jack of your device. We should also point out that the headset is pretty hefty but should sit well on top of your head without issues. If you wish, you can even fold the earcups sideways and store them in the provided bag. Considering that it’s the year 2018, we expected the headset to utilise USB ports, but sadly that is not to be with this one.

The headset is designed to pump out audio using its two circular 50mm drivers, meaning that people with larger-sized ears might struggle slightly with the fit. The annoyance is also doubled if you are wearing glasses, as it can get uncomfortable during prolonged wear. This happens with almost every other headphones out there that has the earcups sitting on your ear, and MSI hasn’t been able to get around it. We tested its performance in games and music, and it worked marvellously. The audio quality is commendable, with thumpy bass is and perfectly working directional audio in CS:GO. The mic is also fairly decent, but we noticed that it is slightly on the quieter side, so you will either have to boost your mic volume via Windows. The mic extender is also quite short and its not able to be positioned fully under your mouth.

Overall, it does its job as a gaming headset, without much bells and whistles. If you want to get a RGB capable headset, the MSI Immerse GH70 does the job well enough.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A good attempt to dive into the audio market, though it did not amaze us as MSI played it safe. MSI-immerse-600x500 (previously published in issue March)