• Driver size: 9mm
  • Frequency range: 3Hz-40,000Hz
  • Ports: Micro USB
  • Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Weight: 71g
  • Pros:
  • Comfortable
  • Feature packed
  • Sound quality
  • Cons:
  • None

Drown Out The World

When someone asks you how do you enjoy your music, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Would it be you sitting in a room with speakers blasting tunes, or in your reading corner with headphones on and a good book, or even on your evening jog with earphones pumping adrenaline inducing beats into your eardrums?

With the Sony WI-1000X you’ll easily get whisked away to music nirvana when you place them in your ears. It sits comfortably around your neck and the earpods extend out of the device just enough to reach your ears, with some leeway. The WI-1000X is incredibly portable, although it doesn’t collapse on itself like many of Sony’s other headphones. But there’s no real need to fold it when it’s so thin that you can slip it into just about any nook and cranny of your bag. It also comes with a bag, so you can safely put it in together with your other things.

It uses microUSB port to charge and connects to your devices using Bluetooth or NFC. A great feature found on the WI-1000X would be its Smart Listening by Advanced Sound Control, which can automatically detect activities such as travelling and walking, dynamically adjusting the ambient sound settings for you as you go. It’s perfect for everyday use as well, allowing you to do hands-free calling with a decent mic built into the device. Having all these features doesn’t mean Sony skimped on sound quality. It comes with the company’s digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX, which upscales your compressed digital music files, thus improving those low quality tunes you might have downloaded from the internet.

Jumping into the sound quality of these headphones, we thought the headphone sounded outstanding. We listened to songs across different genres from Charlie Puth’s ‘‘One Call Away” to some heavier tunes like SwankyDanks ‘‘Sink Like A Stone” and of course some slow and sweet tunes like Lukas Graham’s ‘‘7 Years”. All the songs above and more sounded great, bass hitting deep and punchy, with the mids and vocals not sounding too forward, so you won’t get fatigued easily.

CHIP CONCLUDE: One of the best portable headphone devices we’ve seen in a while, truly hitting all the right notes when it comes to noise cancelling and travel-centric features.

(previously published in issue January 2018)

Sony WI-1000X 600x500