• Foam type: High-density foam
  • Frame: Steel
  • Upholstery material: Leather Style Vinyl
  • Mechanism type: Multi-functional tilt
  • Hydraulics: Class 4 heavy duty gas piston
  • Supported height: 160 to 190cm
  • Supported weight: Around 200kg
  • Pros:
  • Lots of ergonomic features
  • Very comfortable
  • Cons:
  • None

Flashy Seating

Getting niche products for review is always interesting, so when GAMDIAS sent us a huge package a while back, we immediately realised it was the GAMDIAS Achilles P1 gaming chair we saw at COMPUTEX this year.

The Achilles P1 is the largest model in GAMDIAS’ new line of gaming chairs. It comes in a huge box that’s packed in an organised way. The entire package is quite bulky, so while you can unpack it alone, it’s better to have help. Inside the box, you’ll find the backrest, seat, and chair legs. The other smaller parts like the wheels, gas lift, multi-tilt mechanism, and two cushions are kept in bubble wraps or small boxes.

Compared to a few gaming chairs we’ve seen, the assembly process is a lot more streamlined, which means it can be put together much faster. In practice, this chair can be assembled by one person, but having help makes it possible to complete the process within a few minutes. To make things easier for the user, there’s also a simple installation guide and two different Allen keys included in the box.

The Achilles P1 comes with a large range of features that makes it very ergonomic. First, there are the arm rests that can tilt, as well as move up, down, sideways, or front and backwards. The backrest can also be tilted so that it leans forward, or backwards up to 150 degrees. In addition, the multi-tilt mechanism and the gas lift allows the user to have seat height adjustment of about 10cm and lockable rocking angle, while a footrest is also there for extra comfort.

The Achilles P1’s armrests are wide and have enough padding for people with big arms. However, since they are spaced out optimally for positioning your hands to game on a keyboard and mouse, it’s a bit more awkward for work since one of your arms will always be hanging out while trying to type on a keyboard. But the backrest and seat are very comfortable, so you can sit in front of the PC for many hours. Note that because it’s a bucket seat, it might not fit those who stockier or larger in size.

To get the RGB at the back of the chair lit, you either need to connect the chair’s USB port to a PC or power bank. Then, you can use the GAMDIAS’ HERA app to configure the lighting effect, colours and brightness settings. In practice, you don’t really get to see the light of the chair due to it being at the back, unless you’re in a completely dark room.

CHIP CONCLUDE: The RGB feels very gimmick-y, but the easy assembly and comfort makes this one of the best gaming chairs currently available.

(previously published in issue December 2017)

GAMDIAS Achilles P1L