• Operating System: Remix OS 2.0 (Android 5.1)
  • System on Chip: Allwinner A64
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB, up to 128GB more via microSD
  • Input/Output: 1x Megabit LAN, 1x HDMI, 1x microSD, 1x audio/mic combo jack, 2x USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 26 x 124 x 88 mm
  • Pros:
  • Small footprint
  • All-rounded use
  • Cons:
  • Weak CPU
  • Benchmark Results
  • Antutu: 24,528 points
  • 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme: 2,229 points
  • PCMark Work 2.0: 2,311 points

Entry To Android PC

It is not often that we get relatively niche items from brands or manufacturers outside of our country, but once in a while we do get some. An example is the Remix Mini that was successfully crowdfunded two years ago. Below are our thoughts on the Android PC.

Our first impression of the Remix Mini is that it’s compact. Inside is the Android PC itself, a short HDMI cable, the power adapter, and a basic user’s guide. The mini PC itself is encased in black plastic, with rounded sides and the Remix logo on top. Being so small is really convenient, as the device doesn’t take up as much space as a PC or laptop. However, you can’t mount it to the back of a monitor either, unlike many Windows mini PCs.

Since it’s meant to be used as a PC, the Remix Mini has to have the relevant ports. Here, it comes with a Megabit LAN port (along with the Wireless N chip inside), HDMI port, and two USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, it has a microSD slot that supports cards of up to 128GB and a 3.5mm jack for a headset. With all these, the average PC user should have enough to be productive and consume content. The tricky part is if you need to use accessories like a card reader, especially if your card is a CF or SD card instead.

Once all plugged in, lightly tapping on the top of the device boots it up, to which you can then get around to the initial start-up. All that’s required is the user’s preferred language and whatever apps the user wants to have right at the start. Within a few minutes the setup is done and you’re unlikely to encounter any hiccups here.

The unique thing about the Remix is that it feels familiar if you’re a PC user – it provides a lot of features you expect in a PC, such as resizing windows and keyboard shortcuts. However, you’ll experience some lag when resizing windows, likely due to a combination of the weak CPU and Android apps not being designed to do that. Aside from that, the device is fairly responsive for regular use. It allows you to not only to watch videos or listen to music, but also get work done on apps like Microsoft Office Work or play some of your favourite mobile games.

CHIP CONCLUDE: An inexpensive and excellent choice for a PC that provides basic office productivity, entertainment and even some gaming.

(previously published in issue October 2017)

Remix Mini