Intel is trying to cut off any progress AMD has made with their Ryzen chips by releasing their new Intel 8th Gen processors – Coffee Lake. The embargo was lifted from 5th of October to the 25th of September due to leaks out to the public. Of course, some people are terrible at adhering to embargoes. Nevertheless, Intel has included a few specifications and performance numbers along with price with their new 8th Gen processors.

The i7-8700K with its 6 cores and 12 threads, according to Intel is “Intel’s BEST gaming desktop processor ever”, with up to 195 FPS on Gears of War 4, and up to 25% more FPS on the game compared to the 7th Gen processor. But to drive the point further, they have also shown that it’s still capable of maintaining 80 FPS while “mega-tasking”. Gaming, streaming and recording all at the same time, it performs up to 45% better on PUBG when compared to the previous generation. Intel also offers consumers an unlocked “K” version of the processors that allow users to tune it to their desire.

#Best Gaming Processor!

#Best Gaming Processor!

For creators, the i7-8700K is 32% faster at editing 4K videos compared to the 7th generation. You can even create up to 4.5x faster, edit up to 65% faster and share up to 7.8x faster compared to other desktop processors that are 3 years or older. With the improved 14nm++ process, the new processors are Intel’s first i5 processor to have 6 cores, and the first i3 to have 4 cores. And due to changes in the platform, the 7th Gen processors are not compatible with the 300 series based chipsets.

The configurations are listed below, and prices are in (USD $).

The list of specs and configurations

The list of specs and configurations

Intel Core i7-8700K          – $359 (RM 1,510 converted)

Intel Core i7-8700             – $303 (RM 1,274 converted)

Intel Core i5-8600K          – $257 (RM 1,081 converted)

Intel Core i5-8400             – $182 (RM 765 converted)

Intel Core i3-8350K          – $168 (RM 706 converted)

Intel core i3-8100              – $117 (RM 492 converted)

Well there you have it, your first look into Intel’s 8th Gen processors that should be arriving here very soon. As for prices, they are just approximates. We will update as soon as we know more.