Mineski Events Team (MET) together with U Mobile and Logitech G today announced the launch of the Malaysia Esports League (MESL). Aimed at bringing Malaysian eSports to the next level, and this year’s MESL will feature DotA 2. Set to be the biggest DotA 2 eSports league in Malaysia with a total prize pool of RM500,000.

The champion team will also receive an extra RM50,000 if the players are active U Mobile customers. On top of that, the launch of MESL will provide local eSports athletes a stable platform to hone and showcase their talents, while setting up an international-level eSports foundation locally with support of MESL’s sponsors (U Mobile, Logitech G, eGG Network, Twitch.tv).

The league will kick off on 2 September with offline qualifiers happening throughout Peninsular and East Malaysia. The top 16 teams from each qualifier will then head on to face-off each other in the group stages of the league for a duration of 3 months. The top 8 teams there will hit the playoffs and ending the season with the grand finals.


All games from the group stages up till grand Finals will be aired on Astro’s eGG Network and Twitch.tv, so eSports fans will be able to tune in to follow their favourite teams, all in HD. U Mobile customers can also stream the games for free on Astro GO via Video-Onz, the telco’s service which offers free unlimited data for video streaming.