GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd is proud to announce the addition of the Z270X-DESIGNARE to GIGABYTE’s 200 Series Family. The DESIGNARE motherboard, as the name implies, is geared towards the creative minds of content creators. This series of motherboards was first introduced in the Intel 100 Series Chipset to promote NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards.

By placing it through tried and tested benchmarks with real world environment settings, the DESIGNARE Motherboard is optimised for content creators of all levels. With the 200 Series GIGABYTE has done it again and this time with a distinctive silver alloy PCB design and unique markings along the front and rear of the board.

“Content creators need a high-performance plarform that can keep up with the inventive minds as they craft their masterpieces,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE’s Motherboard Business Unit.

Just like its predecessor, the 200 series DESIGNARE Motherboard is fully validated and optimised for NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards and high-performance graphics to ensure designers have nothing holding them back.

Not only is the DESIGNARE the perfect canvas for any artist, it also has the technology to transfer media via the newest standards, USB 3.1. With the first onboard USB 3.1 header, the Z270X DESIGNARE is not only breath taking but revolutionary.