Today BenQ ZOWIE launched their latest e-Sports gaming monitors the ZOWIE XL2450 and the ZOWIE XL2735. As the latest additions to the XL series of PC e-Sports monitors the XL2540 introduces increased smoothness in-game and its native 240Hz refresh rate can be fully activated to deliver different levels of gameplay experience, when the computer generates over 240FPS. The XL2450 also comes with a “Shield” with an adjustable angle and removable design for keeping your screen clear for different environmental conditions.


The latest XL-series e-Sports gaming monitors from BenQ ZOWIE

While that wasn’t enough the XL2450 also sports ZOWIE’s Black eQualizer that increases visibility in dark scenes without overexposing bright areas. This allows you to play games like DOOM where the environment is dark, and still be able to detect the enemies and monsters in the darker scenes. Additionally, ZOWIE takes it a step further with the ability to adjust your colour performance with Color Vibrance settings, with 20 levels of colour settings to choose from.


The XL2540 and XL2735 were setup at the launch to allow the media to try out the new monitors

Then for those who prefer a larger screen, the ZOWIE XL2735 could be the next best thing. The ZOWIE XL2735 comes with everything that the XL2540 comes with, but the only differences between the two are their screen size, resolution and refresh rate, along with the added DyAc Technology. The XL2735 is a 27-inch monitor and has a screen resolution of 2560x1440p (WQHD), and sports a refresh rate of 144Hz. The exclusive BenQ ZOWIE technology Dynamic Accuracy or “DyAc” allows the monitor to maintain remarkable clarity during in-game movement, and achieves a smoother experience for users.

Additional features that make gaming on the XL2540 and XL2735 a better experience

Additional features that make gaming on the XL2540 and XL2735 a better experience

For those who are interested in either monitors the ZOWIE XL 2450 is priced at RM2,399 while the XL2735 is priced at RM3,299.