Prepaid users have always depended on smaller outlets for their prepaid packs, so now Digi has ensured that its own packs will have wider accessibility. The telecommunication company has recently enlisted the help of Bison Stores to help distribute its Prepaid LiVe packs. Bison Stores operates the, newsplus, MAGBIT and The Front Page.

Through this collaboration, Digi’s Prepaid LiVe SIM pack will now be distributed at an additional 290 outlets nationwide. According to Digi, this agreement is in addition to its prior agreement with Bison Stores to sell Digi prepaid reloads.

“At Digi, we aim to provide convenience to our existing and potential customers by maximising the reach of our latest prepaid offering. With majority of Bison Stores’ outlets located in high traffic areas such as shopping malls and transportation hubs, we believe that our customers are able to benefit from this increase in accessibility to our products,” said Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer Loh Keh Jiat.

Digi’s Prepaid LiVe is aimed at providing users with ample data for streaming. With free 8GB of data for video and music streaming every month, users can YouTube or Spotify to their hearts’ content. Bison Stores’ Managing Director, Dang Tai Luk, was delighted with the addition of the prepaid packs for sale at Bison Stores’ affiliated chains. “The new Digi Prepaid LiVE is a fantastic offer that brings a lot of value for customers who love streaming videos and music,” he said.

In conjunction with the collaboration, there will be an extra promotion for customers who purchase a new Digi Prepaid LiVe pack from any Bison Stores owned outlets. Valid from now until the 30th November 2016, customers who do so will get a maximum of RM30 of free internet credit for every new pack.