PC hardware manufacturer ZOTAC has outdone itself with the latest product in its mini PC portfolio. With the ZOTAC MAGNUS EN10 series, the company managed to fit a powerful NVIDIA Pascal GPU in a small form factor to provide would-be users the readiness for a future of VR gaming.

Tony Wong, CEO of ZOTAC International, was proud of the company’s achievement. He said, “the new MAGNUS models inherit the small but powerful spirit of our ZBOX.” It is indeed amazing to find so much computing packed into such a small form factor. “With lower power output and higher performance, we can deliver a new level of gaming and VR for enthusiasts without expanding the footprint,” he added.

The new MAGNUS EN10 series mini PCs are small in size but big on performance.

The new MAGNUS EN10 series mini PCs are small in size but big on performance.

The inclusion of a powerful GPU and CPU is clear indication on the target audience of this product: those who want a compact gaming and entertainment system. While details have not been specified, we expect there to be multiple models for the MAGNUS EN10 series. Similar to the models from last year, ZOTAC will likely let users choose a barebones version (RAM and storage not included), as well as whether they want to have Windows 10 or not.

As for hardware specifications, ZOTAC has informed us that Intel’s 6th Gen Skylake CPUs will be used for the new mini PCs, while a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX10 series GPU will be used for graphics processing. This combination would ensure that not only that the MAGNUS EN10 mini PCs are more than able of handling upcoming VR titles.