Gamers and enthusiasts alike will have much to look forward to in August, as MSI once again prepares to bring notebook gaming to a whole new level. Their line of gaming notebooks, such as the GT series, GE series, and even GP series are now getting VR Ready. These latest notebooks come with the latest cooling designs, and higher gaming performance with Intel Core i7 like the 6820HK processor that has great overclocking capabilities, and a brand new ID design along with a better sound experience.

The GT Series will sport the finest audio experience with Sound by Dynaudio speakers, letting users play any games, music, or movies and be deeply immersed into your own world. While the GT Dominator series have had their cooling designs enhanced, upgrading the thermal solution to their latest “Cooler Boost 4”. Their new Whirlwind Fans can be found on Cooler Boost Titan and Cooler Boost Trinity, which are found on the MSI GT and GS series.  The Cooler Boost Titan consists of dual Whirlwind Blade fans with 20 ultra slim blades plus one 23-blade fan, which help dissipate heat from up to 12 heatpipes, allowing the best overclock capable for the Intel Core i7 6820HK.

To deliver a better visual experience, the GT72VR Dominator is embedded with a 120Hz/5ms panel, the fastest display on a notebook. Moreover, with True Color Technology, the build-in monitor is close to 100 percent sRGB ready, and is capable of reaching the highest colour range of 100 percent AdobeRGB when it is a 4K IP display. With this you can tell, that gamers and notebook enthusiasts have much to look forward to, and MSI is not one to disappoint so be sure to look out and watch out for these great products being launched very soon.