• Light source: Dual Colour LED
  • Illuminance: 1,800 Lux
  • Colour Temp: 2,700K-5,700K
  • Dimension: 590mm x 220mm x 625mm
  • Pros:
  • Intelligent illumination system
  • Cons:
  • Price

Light Up Your Desk

BenQ is a brand that is synonymous with desktop monitors, and lately they’ve been on a journey to ensure that users are not burdened by eye aches by introducing things like anti-flicker and anti-blue light into their products. The company is going one step further by introducing a reading lamp, which is to be used with your computers. Introducing the BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp.

BenQ is aware that users love to use PCs in the dark, but they also understand that doing this isn’t very good for the eyes. With this in mind, the WiT lamp was designed to illuminate the front of the PC and its surrounding areas, without the light itself get into the users’ eyes.

The WiT lamp sports an all-metal body, with necks that can be adjusted and rotated to suit your needs. The lamp unit itself is quite unique as BenQ has employed a unique wide arc lighting fixture that provides 500 lux of cascading arc lighting, which goes up to 90cm in width.

At the top of the lamp is a dial and a touch-sensitive panel. The dial is used to adjust the lighting temperature of the lamp, and to control its brightness. To switch between the two functions, you simply need to press the button once, and it will switch to one or the other. The touch sensitive panel meanwhile is to turn the lamp on or off.

If you’re not entirely sure how you should adjust the light, you can simply touch the ring switch for two seconds, and the WiT lamp will automatically sense the ambient lighting of the room, and adjust the lighting temperature and brightness for you.

For extended working and studying sessions, BenQ recommends that you use the cool white light, and if you want to do some reading, the warm white light is the best option for you.
It took us a bit of time to figure out and accustom ourselves to using the WiT lamp, but once we’ve got everything figured out, it’s actually quite easy to use and adjust to our liking. We were particularly impressed with how the smart lighting mode was able to adjust to not only the ambient lighting of the room, but also how much light is needed to illuminate our desks.

CHIP CONCLUDE: It’s our first time reviewing something like an intelligent table lamp, but what BenQ has here is actually a pretty decent product that will certainly have its uses amongst the masses.

(previously published in issue May 2016)

BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp