Earlier today, 11street announced that it has completed its agreement to collaborate with Taiwan’s largest online marketplace – UITOX.

This collaboration brings with it 200 brands from Taiwan and an estimated 150,000 products from various Taiwanese sellers. At the same time, it’s the start of the TW Street, the official UITOX store on 11street. TW Street will have fashion brands like OB Design, Pazzo, and Toki Choi, as well as beauty brands such as 1028, Dr Wu, Forbelovedone, and Dr Doruxi. There will also be food stuff from Taiwan available for purchase, such as the popular pineapple cake, as well as Gong sugar, red bean water and more.

According to 11street’s CEO, Hoseok Kim, demand for popular overseas products are on the rise and therefore they are being imported to address those needs. As prove, last year’s major imports report by MATRADE indicated a significant jump in revenue in the textiles, clothing and footwear category. Its year-on-year growth from 2014 is an increase of RM5.73 billion.

That makes the partnership with UITOX an obvious decision, and he also said, “Partnering with UITOX, 11street is able to introduce more quality international products into the local market, serving as part our commitment to better fulfill Malaysian consumers’ demands with a good mix of local and overseas products.”

11street now has over five million products in listing, a large selection of it Cross Border Trading (CBT) from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and United States. The three types of CBT products that get the most sales on the platform are: Health & Beauty, Fashion and Electronics items.

Robert van Lith, Regional Director of UITOX, had this to say: “UITOX thrives on its ambitions to challenge not only the domestic market in Taiwan, but also expand its landscape into the fast-growing e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia. We look forward to engaging with shoppers as we offer Malaysians a taste of popular brands from diverse countries.”

As part of this collaboration, there will be special promotions for products under UITOX. In addition, 11street customers can get free international shipping and a 50 per cent discount on certain products beginning today.