Sony has introduced the CAS-1 compact audio system, aimed to provide ultimate sound quality even when travelling. Featuring dual-amplifiers that are for the distinct amplification requirements of both headphones and speakers. Therefore, providing the ideal sound performance regardless of the system’s output. Taking advantage of Sony’s audio technologies, every subtle note fills your environment with rich detail and striking clarity.

The CAS-1’s advanced connectivity features such as Bluetooth, NFC and USB that allows you to stream high quality audio from your devices both wired and wirelessly. It inherits its design from the Sony line of high-end ES series, and is focused on creating an ideal acoustic field on your desktop. The system consists of three components, the main unit and two separate speakers to enhance sound which delivers Hi-Res Audio in both DSD1 and PCM formats, not to mention many other supported formats.

The speakers also feature two independent dedicated amplifiers, each of which is tailored towards the specific requirements of speakers or headphones. It also integrates Sony’s S-Master HX Hi-Res Audio amplifier for the speakers to further enhance music quality by reducing distortion and noise, while Pulse Height volume will not sacrifice any data to control volume resulting in crystal clear, crisp sound at any volume level.

Then connect using your favourite connection options such as wireless streaming via Bluetooth and Sony’s SongPal app. In addition to that, there’s also two USB (USB-A and USB-B) ports for playback of Hi-Res Audio formats. These immersive speakers are available now at Sony stores and at for RM4,199.