LEAGOO launched its first ever flagship store at Plaza Lowyat. Riding on this milestone, LEAGOO aims to be the top smartphone chain by understanding its customers more in their needs of a smartphone in this ever growing tech era. The outlet was greeted by a long line of customers waiting for the store to be launched, with a special promotion enticing customers even further to wait in line. The first 100 customers of the store are able to purchase any device for only RM9.90.

The new concept store will function as a pillar for sales and services of various products that LEAGOO has to offer, leading the way for the outlet as a collection point and after-sales service. The emphasis and purpose of the opening showed this particular flagship store, as the main core of LEAGOO’s development in Malaysia. The shop will stock various accessories such as powerbanks, smartphone casings, earphones and many more alongside their smartphones.

Customers lining up for the launch of LEAGOO's first flagship store.

Customers lining up for the launch of LEAGOO’s first flagship store.

The newly open store will act as the base foundation of LEAGOO’s development and future growth to be right at the top of the chain of smartphone brands. The opening of this big day marked LEAGOO’s plans to enchance their formation from a flagship store to a major smartphone brand name known to its users, igniting LEAGOO’s eagerness to be the best, in a bid to be competitive in the Malaysian market given by their new status. Also sharing their long term plan to focus on staff training to ensure quality and perfection of their customer service.

Furthermore, in conjunction with this grand launching, LEAGOO also revealed its plans for next year for the opening of their new headquarter in Shah Alam estimated to be opened in February 2016. Another mention was the focus of expanding more outlets throughout Malaysia in order to increase brand awareness, throughout major cities.


The Alfa8 making an appearance at the launch at the affordable price of RM269

At the event LEAGOO also highlighted a few key smartphone models, the Alfa 8 and Alfa 6 which are priced at RM269 and RM319 respectively. They also announced that they are planning to release one more model between December 2015 and January 2015.