NVIDIA brings the power of interactive photorealism to mainstream designers with NVIDIA DesignWorks. DesignWorks is a new set of software tools, libraries and technologies for the developers behind the software such as Maya or 3DS Max to name a few, which allows designers to use said software to create the products we use, the buildings we live in, and the planes, trains and automobiles that keep us on the move.

The big idea behind DesignWorks is to give application developers an advantage when it comes to both physically based rendering (PBR) and physically based materials, which are cornerstones of visualising a design interactively with photo-real results. PBR isn’t exactly new, as it has been used for movies and games where the requirement is for a scene or model to look good, but where accuracy is less important than achieving the desired look.

Bob Pette, VP/GM Quadro, NVIDIA demonstrating IRAY on a tablet.

Bob Pette, VP/GM Quadro, NVIDIA demonstrating that IRAY can be used even on a tablet

In an interesting showcase, NVIDIA showed us what their SDK is capable of. Using the NVIDIA IRAY SDK, users are capable of generating photorealistic imagery that even has the simulation of the physical behaviour of light and materials. As an example NVIDIA showed us how a building in a city with mirrors was capable of melting a car because of the sun reflecting and concentrated heat due to the buildings concave nature. With NVIDIA IRAY architects can use the technology to predict the effects of light on a building before putting it onto practice which could have prevented such an incident as mentioned from happening.

The possibilities when it comes to architecture and NVIDIA’s IRAY is amazing as now architects could have a simulation for their projects. But such great features aren’t only for architects, as vehicle designers can use this technology to improve their work as well. Vehicle designers can use the materials to simulate the effect of a metallic paint and how it would look like under different light conditions, so they can pick an attractive colour that brings out the aesthetics of their vehicle. They need applications that allow them to see and interact with accurate visualisations of what their final product could be.

Try a free-trial or if you already know what you want you can subscribe to DesignWorks VR for a monthly fee.

Try a free-trial or if you already know what you want you can subscribe to DesignWorks VR for a monthly fee

NVIDIA’s IRAY and DesignWorks SDK are available on their store at a fee of 295$ (RM1,276) per month. NVIDIA is also providing a 90-day trial for users to try out the program before deciding to pull the trigger on the software or not.