Mountain Dew’s Dew Challenge 2015 was a different affair from the norm, with this year’s event going into the digital space. Venturing into esports this time around, the brand hosted its very own esports tournament, perhaps the largest one in Malaysia yet at the amateur level. The two esports title in competition were Dota 2 and Hearthstone.

Jumping on a platform that has really started to gain momentum this year, Mountain Dew’s new trail into the esports scene has provided gamers with their own chance to push their boundaries and – as Mountain Dew likes to say – Do the Dew. The reason Dota 2 was chosen instead of League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is because of its large following. According to statistics, an estimated number of over 1.5 million people play Dota 2 in Malaysia, the third highest number in the South East Asia region. The organisers did not disclose its reasons for picking Hearthstone, but the game also has a lot of fans with more than 100k players locally.

The entire tournament spanned two months, as participants showed their skills in the Dota 2 and Hearthstone qualifiers, with the finals falling on the 5-6 of December 2015. When the dust settled over the battle on 6th December 2015, only two teams – one each for Dota 2 and Hearthstone – walked away with the biggest smiles. For Dota 2, eight teams battled it out in the Grand Finals for a slice of the huge RM150k price pool. Ultimately, Team DOT overcame all oppositions to take home the grand prize of RM60k. While Hearthstone’s price pool was a humbler RM30k, it didn’t diminish the champions drive to win as Team GIZMO won a respectable RM10k in cash.

“The Dew Challenge 2015 fulfilled its promise of fueling passion, authenticity, action and entertainment for the next generation in a new twist of an adrenaline pumping, mental endurance-testing online gaming tournament. The inaugural Dew Challenge Gaming edition was a huge success and we believe this movement is here to stay! We are pleased that all participants got to “Do the Dew” and enjoy their favourite Mountain Dew to pump them up throughout the DoTA2 and Hearthstone Challenges.” said Permanis Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Hemalatha Ragavan.

Mountain Dew’s principal company in Malaysia, Permanis, has stated that this year’s challenge is not quite a shift in direction for future events. But as Mr. Ragavan confirms, it is entirely possible that next year’s challenge could include esports again.