When it comes to gifts, we’ll have 101 reasons to give them, sometimes even without a special occasion. During Christmas, many shoppers will be hunting through stores and the internet for gifts. But not everyone has the luxury of time, making it hard to find the opportunity to shop for suitable presents. Enter QashGift, an online gift-buying solution for those who are busy, or don’t know what kind of gifts to buy.

According to company that developed the platform, Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi, QashGift brilliantly combines the flexibility of cash and the thoughtfulness of a specially hand-picked gift with a few easy clicks on your mobile or computer.

It is an online solution for gift buying, ideal for people that are too busy with work and life, or are unsure of what to buy. For it to work, the buyer must first have a QashGift account, which can be created for free. Next, they can buy a gift and send it to anyone via email address or mobile phone number. However, the recipients have to ‘retrieve’ their gift using the QR code on their registered QashGift account, just like unwrapping a present!

Once the gift is received, the recipient can head to the participating merchant’s store and show the QashGift QR code. This will be scanned, before the 6-digit PIN for verification will be needed. Finally, once approved there will be a digital receipt to confirm that the gift was received.

At the moment, merchants like EHSAN Living Style, Gloria Jeans, Circle K, Airwheel Malaysia, Garden of Eden Organic Skincare, and many more have signed up for the platform. For just as little as RM20, shoppers can buy gifts easily from these merchants, and attach a personalised voice message for that special touch.

“QashGift is user-friendly, time-saving and a smarter way to purchase gifts for everyone, for every occasion and at any time. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there is no better time to get on the QashGift bandwagon.” Said Mr. Samir Younes, Business Development Director of Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi.

Besides shoppers, QashGift is also an avenue for merchants to market their brand and products digitally at a minimal cost. Interested merchants can easily sign-up their businesses with an account on QashGift by calling the number 03-2035 5858, or visiting QashGift’s website. The QashGift app will be online and operational beginning from 15 December 2015.