About six weeks ago, AMD announced that it is setting up a new organisation within the company called Radeon Technologies Group which will be in charge of everything related to graphics technology. The Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) encompasses a team that is able to capture all the major inflection points in the visualisation and gaming industries like DirectX 12 and Virtual Reality – and is led by graphics industry veteran and architect, Raja Koduri.

This team is tasked with propeling the industry forward by driving performance/Watt with new GPUs, creating innovative new technologies, and making sure the software that supports GPUs work as flawlessly as possible. The RTG’s first achievement in this regard is something that is called the “Radeon Software”. The Radeon Software will be replacing the AMD Catalyst with a modern user interface that is simple and clean, is intuitive to use, and has a significantly faster start up than its predecessor, with a new software iteratioin called Radeon Software: Crimson Edition.

On top of support for features that are already in AMD’s Catalyst Control Centre, the Radeon Software also has new features such as Game Manager, video quality presets, Social Media integration, simplified Eyefinity setup as well as a system notifications tab. The brand new app replacing the Catalyst Control Centre meanwhile will be named Radeon/FirePro Settings. According to AMD, Radeon Software: Crimson edition will be available for everyone to download before the end of the year, with more details to become available in the coming weeks and months.