Malaysia has one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in the world at 140 percent with 10 million smartphone users, but it is also highly likely that those smartphones have experienced some form of damage.

In a recent study named “The State of Our Smartphones” by leading device protector Otterbox, it is shown that one third of Malaysians are likely to have damaged their smartphone within three months of owning it. The study has revealed that 75 percent of Malaysian smartphone users have damaged their smartphones over 2.8 times in the past five years with the extent of damages ranging from minor scratches and scuffs to more serious devastations such as cracked screens and water damage.

Right on our tails are Singapore (65 percent) and Taiwan (63 percent), while Hong Kong tops the chart across four markets. 83 percent of its smartphone users have damaged their smartphones over 3.3 times in the past five years, while 20% of Malaysian respondents have also admitted to not having any form of protection for their phones, such as protective cases or applying screen protectors. 24 percent of respondents have said that high repair costs at an average estimate of RM500 has kept them from fixing their phones.

Not only that, only 21 percent of Malaysians smartphone owners admit that their phones are “badly damaged”, with 61 percent of Malaysians not bothered by cracked smartphone screens as long as the damage hasn’t affected the phone’s performance. An interesting titbit would be that of the quarter of Malaysian smartphone users who did not damage their smartphones for the past five years, more than half (58 percent) of them are women.

But despite recording a high percentage of users with damaged phones among countries in the Asia-Pacific region, a sizeable number of Malaysians actually intended to protect their phones, with 56 percent of them willing to buy a protective case for their new smartphone. These Malaysians are willing to spend between RM40-RM250 on a case which would make the phone resilient to drops and smashes. As a nation of smartphone enthusiasts, it has become habitual for Malaysian smartphone users to constantly check their smartphones.

Due to that, be it at work, at home or while walking along the street, Malaysians have damaged their phones at some point during these routine activities with 64 percent of the time from just a slip from the users’ hand, with 44 percent of users have admitted to damaging their smartphones at work while another 29 percent said the unfortunate incidents happens during a stroll down a street.