Curve is now in, especially for monitors. Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, curved panels now becoming more and more common, and on the road to becoming more affordable in the long run. Acer is one of the companies that is dabbling with first generation curved monitors, and has bought to the Malaysian market the ultra-wide curved monitor XR341CK after teasing it during Computex.


Designed to look futuristic, the XR341CK features a glossy panel and aluminium adjustable base to provide the most optimal and ergonomic viewing experience. It also feature a zero-frames design to give the maximum viewing area for the users – even when daisy-chaining it for a truly immersive viewing experience. Thanks to the ultra-wide QHD resolution (3440 x 1440), picture quality will be off the charts.


Also introduced alongside the ultra-wide is the company’s first G-Sync enabled monitor in Malaysia, the XB270HU. Thanks to the technology from NVIDIA, game experience on the monitor will be flicker free and tear-free. At QHD, it is not a 4K display, but it is more than enough for gamers to experience ultra-high resolution gaming of their favourite games.

Lastly, the updated Revo One series also makes an appearance, featuring new Intel Core i3 and i5 processor for more performance in a small box. It still features three 2.5” drives, two of them hot-swappable. It is perfect for the living room, with resolution support up to 4K.

The XR341CK is retailing at RM 3,699 while the XB270HU will have a sticker price of RM 2,599. The new Revo One will start from RM 1,500 from early August.