Celebrating the spirit of making, Cooler Master launched a new look for the brand, and is adopting a new slogan, ‘’Make It Yours’. The slogan kicks off a new drive to harness “the Maker Spirit” in Cooler Master’s products and community.


New Cooler Master Slogan

The maker spirit is that curiosity to know how and why things work, and the satisfaction that stems from taking ownership of something you make,” said Roger Lin, Cooler Master’s Chief Executive Officer. “People want unique products to express themselves, that’s human nature.

Starting from the humble beginnings all the way 15 years ago pioneered by Roger, Cooler Master invited a team of renowned PC industry veterans, including Richard Surroz from the US, Peter Brands and Richard Kier of the Netherlands, Mathieu Heredia of France, and Ronnie Hara of Brazil (by way of Japan), to Taipei for a week-long workshop on the future of case technology.

The supporting team

L-R – Mathieu Heredia, Richard Keirsgieter, Richard Surroz, Ronnie Hara

The 7-strong team brainstormed, hemmed and hawed – and this workshop resulted in the development of a new concept case – the MasterConcept, that combines the best of Cooler Master’s heritage, and cutting-edge product design, thanks to the feedback from world’s leading modders and super users. As such, the MasterConcept is the ultimate makers’ case; its super flexible interior and exterior modularity allows anyone to create a PC that is uniquely theirs in form and function.

MasterCase-5-FreeForm-Modularity-SystemThe ideas incorporated in the MasterConcept led directly to the creation of the MasterCase, which is being showcased by eight makers inside the Cooler Master’s booth at Computex. These eight makers include world-class case modder Lee Harrington, artist and sculptor Ron Lee Christianson, independent games designer Dave ‘drdavient’ Cooper, as well as industrial designer Lawrence Lee, and makers Yu-Kai Tai and Kai-Yu Kamm of MakerBar Taipei.

P6030724Cooler Master is also in the midst of rolling out the new branding throughout the company’s product line, and is expected to take some time as the company is also in the process of slimming down their product line, to simplify customer’s purchase experience.