If you are currently using either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, you must have heard about the news that you will be getting the free upgrade to Windows 10. Well, they have announced the release date for the new Operating System, and they even made it easy to upgrade.

Windows 10 will be available in markets globally as a free upgrade to customers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It was built with help from more than four million people around the world who has participated in the beta test program.

“Windows 10 is a new generation of Windows designed to empower you to do great things,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president, Microsoft. “Windows 10 starts to deliver on our vision of more personal computing, defined by trust in how we protect and respect your personal information, mobility of the experience across your devices, and natural interactions with your Windows devices, including speech, touch, ink and holograms.”

What is new in Windows 10? It brings back the Start menu people know and love, while enabling them to easily find their files, pinned applications and favourites. It is also feature more secure enhancements in the underlying structures, and it is optimized for both keyboard and touch.

Current users of Windows just need to follow the following steps to reserve their own copies of Windows 10:

step1 step2

Windows 10 will be out on the 29th of July 2015.