Yelp, a crowd-sourced social online directory service is finally available for use by Malaysians. The app, which launched at midnight last night, allows its users to find local businesses, and leave behind comments and reviews that can be helpful to others who might be looking for similar services around the area.

The service is meant to be used to check in and review a variety of businesses, but its primary usage has seen it become one of the most trusted review services for restaurants and cafes in countries that Yelp operates in.

Malaysia is the fourth Asian country that Yelp has stepped into, with others including Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Not only can Malaysians use the app to check in and review and comment on a variety of businesses, the app is also localised in Bahasa Malaysia. If your phone’s language is set to BM, the app will be available to you in that language.

Miriam Warren, Vice President of New Markets, Yelp shares the company's plans for the Malaysian market

Miriam Warren, Vice President of New Markets, Yelp shares the company’s plans for the Malaysian market

According to Miriam Warren, Yelp’s Vice President of New Markets, the language is the 17th language to be added to the service’s burgeoning list of supported languages.

“Malaysians have over 40 million mobile devices and the vast majority of the country uses social networks regularly. Given that they are so digitally savvy, we know they’re going to love using Yelp to find great local businesses” said Miriam.

Not only that, Malaysians will also be happy to know that Yelp has added a special “sticker” for checking in into a local business here, and have also introduced two brand new categories that are unique to the Malaysian locale; “nasi lemak stalls” and “mamak restaurants”.

While there are thousands of businesses that will be made available on Yelp, the service will also provide a platform to the business owners for free, allowing them to respond to constructive feedback and comments left by customers.

At the moment, Yelp is also looking to hire a community manager for Kuala Lumpur, to help the community of Yelpers here grow, as well as to organise events and act as a general point of contact for Yelp in the country.