With GST kicking in soon, it seems that even Microsoft isn’t spared from price increases for their products and services. An email recently came in from the tech giant saying that the price of the monthly fee for its Microsoft Office 365 productivity software will be increasing starting April 7th 2015.

The original monthly pricing for Office 365 was RM24.90 a month. Starting on April 7th, that pricing will be increased by RM5.00 to RM29.90 a month. Microsoft mentions that the reason for this pricing is to “ensure reasonable alignment with the needs of customers, partners and the marketplace, and may make changes in response to that assessment and feedback.

For those who pay for Microsoft’s Office 365 via the monthly subscription method, you’ll likely receive this email from them detailing the increase in prices. So far, there are no changes to the annual subscription fee

Interesting to note, however is that so far, it is only the monthly subscription fee that’s affected, as when we asked Microsoft Malaysia for clarification, the annual renewal fee of RM249.90 will still remain the same despite changes to the monthly subscriptions.

That said, they also mentioned that while there are currently no plans to change the purchase price and the annual subscription fee, they will update us in case there are any changes in the future.