Yesterday, StartUpHouse officially launched with the introduction of five selected teams which consisted of 12 individuals who were given the opportunity to do what they are passionate about which is to build a web application that could very well change our lives. With all expenses paid and with the aid of industry experts, StartUpHouse is the brainchild of Pixaworks Creative Sdn Bhd.

These mentors from different fields, bring their expertise to the table by helping the startups in their development phase

These mentors from different fields, bring their expertise to the table by helping the startups in their development phase

12 young designers and developers are brought together into a house set up in Cyber heights Villa, Cyberjaya, where all they do is live, breathe, code and design. With this intense form of focus, they are required to complete five web applications which meets the “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) standard within three months, which eventually leads to an exclusive showcase demonstration with investors. That is the type of motivation that StartUpHouse aims to achieve between the periods of January to April this year.

The applications being developed are:

  • A location-based restaurant discovery web application to help users quickly narrow down and select a place to eat, developed by team members Tan Khai Ping and David Kiew
  • A video-streaming solution for musicians whereby both mainstream and indie musicians can connect with their fans by streaming live events, shows and competitions, etc. developed by team members Henry chew, Khoo Chun Qhai and Naveen Segareen.
  • A crowdsourcing long-distance transit platform which gives commuters insight to real time express bus information, enabling a much safer and efficient long distance travel experience for all, developed by team members Haimi Edzwan Hashim and Mazlan Paiman.
  • A digital cookbook which provides E-commendations based on dietary preferences, cuisine preferences and budgets developed by team members Syed Muzani bin Syed Ahmad Safri, Muhammad Shahrir bin Bahar and Asmahani binti Abu.
  • A social platform that connects food enthusiast together in the form of a simple and fun meal invitation app that creates fun, happy and welcoming dining experience through eating together, developed by team members Yong Shen Feng and Dean Nazmuddin.

During the event, we met with some of the developers for a detailed look at their application that is under development. The first developer we met was Haimi Edzwan Hashim and Mazlan Paiman with their app called TransitWatch. This app is essentially a platform for long distance bus travels which allows commuters to track their love ones via real time.  This application is based on the age old problem of speeding when it comes to bus accidents in Malaysia and thus the application serves as both a monitoring and tracking device. This application lets you know in real time the speed the bus is traveling at and the duration of time the bus has been overspeeding. It also tracks and compares the different bus companies to show which bus has the best record of safety shown on their app.  This application would prove handy for low to mid income groups who frequently travel on buses for long distance trips as well as students from different states.  The pilot for this app begins during the Chinese New Year season with a predicted official launch by June with the hopes of government agencies taking notice at this application.

The next app developers we had the chance to talk to is Yong Shen Feng and Dean Nazmuddin over their unique application called Jioness. Essentially, Jioness is a mix of Tinder and restaurant locating applications. Users would set up a venue, event time and set the number of people allowed to enter the slots all in order to find people to eat with during meals. The concept of this app is to negate the sorrows of eating alone by inviting random strangers to come and eat with you. The application provides a private invitation as well as public invitations for shared meals, with future implementation of a point system as well as an interactive game system to provide further advantages to the restaurants partnered with Jioness.

This was one of the first apps to be released under the StartUpHouse campaign with over 1,000 downloads already registered

This app was one of the first few apps that are already launched with over 1,000 registered downloads

The last team developers we met up was the team that made FoodBits, a digital cookbook that provides e-commendations based on dietary preferences, cuisine preferences and budget. The application will allow you to sync with local grocers on the availability of ingredients listed on your favorite recipes, and allow you to visit that grocer to get the required ingredients. The application has already been launched for 10 days and during that period of time, it has received over 1,000 downloads thus far.