Yesterday, ASUS was one of the first to announce a new graphics card based on NVIDIA’s mid-range GeForce GTX 960 in the form of the STRIX GTX 960 here in Malaysia. The new gaming graphics card is fully packed with exclusive ASUS technology such as Direct CU II for cooler, quieter and faster performance for next generation gaming action and 0dB fan technology for a totally silent gameplay.

The new card is equipped with ASUS Super Alloy Power components for improved durability and cooling while also comprising of GPU Tweak and XSplit Gamecaster for overclocking and online streaming that is made simple yet flexible.

The Strix GTX 960 is factory overclocked at 1,291MHz and has a 1,317MHz boost clock speed in OC mode which is aimed at giving gamers high levels of performance. This has been tested with an increase of 12 percent faster gameplay in games such as Assassins Creed Unity and Battlefield 4. It also runs the 3DMark 11 (extreme) benchmark at 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD resolution at 6.5 percent faster speeds than reference designs. Couple that with a 2GB high speed GDDR5 video memory which races at a high 7,200MHz and you are in for a thrilling ride.

Cooling-wise, it comes at 30 percent better cooling performance and is up to three times more quiet than the reference card thanks to the ASUS exclusive DirectCU II cooling technology which gives up to 220 percent better heat dissipation.

Back with the traditional ASUS design is the 5-phase Super Alloy Power which grants energy efficiency increase of up to 15 percent and provides voltage modulation tolerance while improving overall stability and longevity by 2.5 times the reference designs.

The STRIX GTX 960 is priced at RM999 and it is already available in stores nationwide.