In October, HTC announced an exciting new device known as the RE Camera alongside the Desire EYE. Both devices were then launched here in Malaysia last month. Both devices were designed for those who love photography and videography but preferred devices that were much more portable.

The RE Camera was designed to make take photos and videos a super simple affair. There’s no need to access menus or the hassle of pairing it to a smartphone, it’s pretty much a one-click process.

Just recently, HTC announced an all new feature that makes sharing an even simpler process as the RE camera can now live stream to YouTube. With this new feature, users can easily share the moment by connecting the RE camera to their YouTube channel and sending a live broadcast link to viewers around the world.

Any live footage users wish to share is transmitted directly from the RE to their smartphone, which then sends the broadcast to the YouTube channel of choice. Users can then invite people to view the event by sending the broadcast link to tune in via SMS or social networks. Even if they can’t watch it live, the link will continue to be active, even after the broadcast ends.

At the moment, this feature is only available for Android devices, through a free update to the RE app in the Google Play store. The free update will also be available for iOS later in Q1.